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well whatta ya know [03 Feb 2004|11:53pm]

[ mood | bloody dead ]

well today was a good day we have another practice for this weekend and kevin wants to do a hardcore band but he cant find a bass or guitar player, so im gonna play with them(on the side) and i got this kid brad whos looking for a band to be the guitarist. so who knows how this'll turn out. This is some thing i wrote before but it seems to go with my mood so ill post it.
G intro:G:--9---9---8---8-----7---6---7---6-

B intro:A:-----77777-----66666-----55555-----44444

B verse:D:-------------------2
A:000-000-000-000-02h4->Repeat as long as needed
Lyrics- Waking I---cant seem to find the, pool that im suffocating in.
Pull the switch and im blinded, Cloudy vision bleeding from my mistakes.
Am I alone when Im choking on lead? Coughing blood and tears of red.
Beauty in the weak of heart, Your a godess to me!

B chorus:D:-----3----2----0----
G chorus:G:9--11--10--12--14--13
Lyrics-Broken Paement and worn down skull, are just memories of you.
Smudged lipstick and black eye liner seep into the pit of you.
Discontent and hatred slowly nurtured from the ones who love most
with broken promises and love to spare i walk from you with nothing left.

B bridge:D:--------2-1-3-

G bridge:D:7777-888/6-66666666

Lyrics:Waking I! Cant seem to find you.Not untill my eyes are closed
Keeping promises over and over never getting one that serves me right.
Can you see the drama and the tears shed for that night.
Of course not how could you too vane to even wipe my tears.

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yet another new song [25 Jan 2004|07:49pm]

[ mood | fucking beautiful ]

this one has an emo intro which miss mandie will be providing vocal for and then the rest is pretty streight forward rock


intro: I can feel your heart beat up and close to mind.

I can taste the cool wind air freeing up my mind.

Why can’t you see you mean everything to me?

You are my sun my moon and every thing between.

 That’s what fools say when they’re dumb and in love.

Fuck! Shit I hope I never catch that bug.

Well it’s a sickness and it’s infecting people everyday.

Well I hope I’m not the next one’s life it claims.


Everybody’s got a good reason to live they’re life like shit.

Sneak another one through the back to put on a perfect act.


Stacking them up now, the one who never seemed to care.

Coming to judge the wrong and right, and to kill all the surviving

Come on give me a chance I’m sure you’ll like me better now.

Don’t give me anything to start with because you’ll never get anything in return!


I can see the bodies on the streets decaying in the wind.

I can see your cold shattered face smiling from with in.

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[25 Jan 2004|07:04pm]

[ mood | bloody dead ]

new song called this pain its kinda slower and very emotional but who cares.Its called "This Pain..."

I can’t take the constant screaming the look on your face is so revealing.

I can’t take the pain in your eyes all the excuses all of the lies.

I can’t take the fear in my heart I can already feel us drifting apart.

I cant’ take the constant attention please just leave me and let me die alone.



I can’t take this relationship dieing I don’t want to see the tears when you’re crying.

I can’t take the fun never lasting the hate and the tears followed by laughing.

I can’t take this night never ending our happiness and joy was all just pretending.

I can’t take the love from....


I can fell us slipping already.

I know this pain is never ending.

I can feel it slowly kill away our insides.

I can’t take this love never started!


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bringing the rock steady to melbourne [21 Jan 2004|09:47pm]

[ mood | bloody dead ]

yeah new song called "Dance Hall Crashers"

Well everybodys, come round with the sound and the dance hall beat calls to your feet.

And the red, moon fades into the night and you call to your baby come on lets fly.


Till the break of dawn and the twilight of dusk ,the beatbox rythems mixed with reggea sound systems.

Flodding my brain and over flowing my heart cause a rudie got soul and the dance hall crashers.


I remember that night, cause it was love at first sight and it came in the form of a punch in the face.

Well ya know what they say, tough love lasts forever well i guess that makes me set for the rest of my life.


Floridas paradise dreams, a lucky bastard with a rocksteady beat.

Comin' down with a case of the blues,cause that girls been taken and ill never be clean.

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new song called goodbye again [18 Jan 2004|11:58pm]

[ mood | bloody dead ]

to the night we wake and the day we sleep

basking in the warmt of the moon's ninty..six.. degrees.

Forever comin' round. Never givin' me sleep.

Stay awake and stare at the stars that ci...rcle... me.

Honey goodbye again,till the haunted come around again,

. We say,goodbye again,watch me fall agin into the fire.

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good news good news [14 Jan 2004|10:31pm]


well every body we have anew line up that i think will stay im realy excited about this one i think this one'll make it.

john-lead vocal and guitar

justin-rythem guitar


and well i dont know our drummers name but he was really good when i heard him and hes looking for a band that fits our discription.


also i was so happy bout the news i actually wrote a new song today called

"Baby baby"

Oh darling be here with me,

until this world crumbels to its rotten core.

Oh baby, baby hold me close,

hold me till the day I fade away.


Coming with the night,

just like an anciesnt moon,

shining on my blood stained soul.

But when the day light comes,

you walk away from me,

just like my midnight dreams.


Oh darling cant you see,

my life it takes a toll everytime you leave.

Oh baby, baby its in the night,

where the flowers i left slowly die away,


Oh darling this cannot be,

This is the last note you'll ever get from me.

Oh baby, baby long ago,

are love it was so strong but thats so far away.


On this final night,

I wont be waiting there,

for you to look into my eyes.

And when the day light's come,

your's will be the heart,

thats empty and with pain.

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then there was two... [13 Jan 2004|04:27pm]

things crumbled today in what looks like a never finished plan.
me and john started over and are looking for new members.were keeping the name nightengale.
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