emo_lathem (emo_lathem) wrote in xnightengalex,

good news good news

well every body we have anew line up that i think will stay im realy excited about this one i think this one'll make it.

john-lead vocal and guitar

justin-rythem guitar


and well i dont know our drummers name but he was really good when i heard him and hes looking for a band that fits our discription.


also i was so happy bout the news i actually wrote a new song today called

"Baby baby"

Oh darling be here with me,

until this world crumbels to its rotten core.

Oh baby, baby hold me close,

hold me till the day I fade away.


Coming with the night,

just like an anciesnt moon,

shining on my blood stained soul.

But when the day light comes,

you walk away from me,

just like my midnight dreams.


Oh darling cant you see,

my life it takes a toll everytime you leave.

Oh baby, baby its in the night,

where the flowers i left slowly die away,


Oh darling this cannot be,

This is the last note you'll ever get from me.

Oh baby, baby long ago,

are love it was so strong but thats so far away.


On this final night,

I wont be waiting there,

for you to look into my eyes.

And when the day light's come,

your's will be the heart,

thats empty and with pain.

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