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bringing the rock steady to melbourne

yeah new song called "Dance Hall Crashers"

Well everybodys, come round with the sound and the dance hall beat calls to your feet.

And the red, moon fades into the night and you call to your baby come on lets fly.


Till the break of dawn and the twilight of dusk ,the beatbox rythems mixed with reggea sound systems.

Flodding my brain and over flowing my heart cause a rudie got soul and the dance hall crashers.


I remember that night, cause it was love at first sight and it came in the form of a punch in the face.

Well ya know what they say, tough love lasts forever well i guess that makes me set for the rest of my life.


Floridas paradise dreams, a lucky bastard with a rocksteady beat.

Comin' down with a case of the blues,cause that girls been taken and ill never be clean.

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