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yet another new song

this one has an emo intro which miss mandie will be providing vocal for and then the rest is pretty streight forward rock


intro: I can feel your heart beat up and close to mind.

I can taste the cool wind air freeing up my mind.

Why can’t you see you mean everything to me?

You are my sun my moon and every thing between.

 That’s what fools say when they’re dumb and in love.

Fuck! Shit I hope I never catch that bug.

Well it’s a sickness and it’s infecting people everyday.

Well I hope I’m not the next one’s life it claims.


Everybody’s got a good reason to live they’re life like shit.

Sneak another one through the back to put on a perfect act.


Stacking them up now, the one who never seemed to care.

Coming to judge the wrong and right, and to kill all the surviving

Come on give me a chance I’m sure you’ll like me better now.

Don’t give me anything to start with because you’ll never get anything in return!


I can see the bodies on the streets decaying in the wind.

I can see your cold shattered face smiling from with in.

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