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well whatta ya know

well today was a good day we have another practice for this weekend and kevin wants to do a hardcore band but he cant find a bass or guitar player, so im gonna play with them(on the side) and i got this kid brad whos looking for a band to be the guitarist. so who knows how this'll turn out. This is some thing i wrote before but it seems to go with my mood so ill post it.
G intro:G:--9---9---8---8-----7---6---7---6-

B intro:A:-----77777-----66666-----55555-----44444

B verse:D:-------------------2
A:000-000-000-000-02h4->Repeat as long as needed
Lyrics- Waking I---cant seem to find the, pool that im suffocating in.
Pull the switch and im blinded, Cloudy vision bleeding from my mistakes.
Am I alone when Im choking on lead? Coughing blood and tears of red.
Beauty in the weak of heart, Your a godess to me!

B chorus:D:-----3----2----0----
G chorus:G:9--11--10--12--14--13
Lyrics-Broken Paement and worn down skull, are just memories of you.
Smudged lipstick and black eye liner seep into the pit of you.
Discontent and hatred slowly nurtured from the ones who love most
with broken promises and love to spare i walk from you with nothing left.

B bridge:D:--------2-1-3-

G bridge:D:7777-888/6-66666666

Lyrics:Waking I! Cant seem to find you.Not untill my eyes are closed
Keeping promises over and over never getting one that serves me right.
Can you see the drama and the tears shed for that night.
Of course not how could you too vane to even wipe my tears.
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